A Great Master Mind: Sri K S Krishnamurthi

“Science will revive itself by producing men of great intellect” says legend. At one time Astrology was in its glory in this sub continent but in another time suffered miserable state. In spite of toil by few there was wide gap in prediction and reality. There was a great need to have a new perspective of astrology keeping rapid changes in society due to industrialization and infrastructural developments etc. Human life became more competitive and complex than those times when scriptures on astrology were written.Nature selected a soul for re-instatement of this divine subject as per such changes in life pattern and he is none other than “Kuthur Subbaraya Iyer Krishnamurthi” famous as K S Krishnamurti (KSK).

Born on 1st November 1908 in a Tamil Brahmin family in Thiruvaiyaru he led a simple and pious life. After completing his education in St. Joseph’s college (Tiruchirapalli) entered Govt. service in Public health Dept at Kings Institute, Guindy. He was married and blessed with children. In 1930’s he was introduced to Astrology through a friend and surprisingly developed great yearning for this subject. He studied both the existing systems of Astrology, Vedic and Western. He met many astrologers to know their methods of prediction and could not find uniformity or consistency in their approach. 

He tried to develop Astrology in such a way that everyone can get benefit of this miraculous science. In no time he was able to decipher a better way of understanding the horoscope by studying the stellar position of all the nine planets and forming the foundation for “Stellar Astrology”. By the grace of that Almighty he got an innovative idea of applying the rule off Vimshottari for dividing the star into sub divisions and called it as “Advanced Stellar Astrology”. In due course it was called as “Sub lord System”, “Sub lord theory” and now its “KP Astrology”. (KP- Krishnamurti Padhathi)

By nature he had philosophic outlook, his Guru Sundaresa Sarma initiated strong philosophic ideas into his mind. As said earlier God selected his noble soul for this great responsibility, as a proof for this fact, he was initiated with “Uchishta Maha Ganapathy Mantra” and presented Sandlewood Idol of the deity along with consort (Neela Saraswathi) by His Holiness JagadGuru Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamy (Kanchi Mahaswamy).This divine energy had driven Sri KSK to new heights in Astrological knowledge. He took VRS from service in 1961 and dedicated his life for propagation of KP-Astrology. 

He was appointed as “Visiting Professor” in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and toured different parts of the country. His mind blowing logic and simplicity of expression in lectures attracted even veteran Vedic astrologers. He was successful in convincing one and all. Most of his disciples exhibited great skills in giving candid predictions. KSK was awarded with the titles like “Jyothish Marthand” (like Sun in Astrology) by Sri.Cherian in 1964 and “Sothida Mannan” (King of Astrology) by Malayan Astrological society in 1970.He started monthly magazine “Astrology and Athrishta” in April 1963. He authored six books on this subject named as “VI KP- Readers” covering from basics to predictions. Both these contributions are treasure of knowledge reflecting the intention of this intellectual giant.

Sri KSK cleared numerous ambiguities in predictive Astrology and opened pathways for new horizons. His objective is to make Astrology as “Perfect-Science “and every astrologer should give similar prediction for the same horoscope. He is strong enough to point errors in existing systems, patient enough to carry on research in finding truth, great enough to award his success to all of his students and simple enough to thank God for selecting him for this job. 

Sub-Lord System, Ruling Planet theory, Birth time rectification method, transit based on stars are highlights of his discoveries. He attained Lotus feet in the early hours of 30th March 1972 leaving a great responsibility on the shoulders of his followers to continue research.

 Some people will never die and one among them is this man of great ability. His words, confidence, respect, trust, discipline, love, dedication, courage, simplicity, sharpness, with and intelligence are always an inspiration to us.

Akhanda Mandalaakaaram Vyaptam yena charaacharam I 
Thath padam darsitham yeva thasmaisri guruvenamaha II 

Bowing before that all pervading illumination of knowledge showing right path! 
Peace and Prosperity to All! 

Thath Sath