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Most frequent questions and answers

Report is the analysis and prediction made by the expert and sent through
e-mail. If you opt for such a report, it will be delivered to you through “e-mail” only within 24 hours after receiving payment from the client.

We are providing answers for up to three questions (chargeable for each question) through our orders. Clients should not pose multiple  questions under the same question which will be ignored. In our opinion question means “Single question” because it may be normal for a person to ask but to an expert every doubt needs separate calculation that consumes more time and energy. Example: One may normally feel that asking “when will be marriage and how will be marital life?” may be one question. But astrologically we have to verify marriage and marital life as separate questions and need analysis separately.

Mostly clients will get clear answers for correct questions. In case client needs clarification for any prediction given for his/her questions then he/she can send a mail with the order ID. We can give clarity for those “post order questions” asked only within one week after delivery of the report. Only clarity will be given for the content of the report. No answer will be provided for questions other than those mentioned in the order.

There is alternative for people without birth details. In such a case the client should give a number between 1 and 249 (KP Horary Astrology). Number should be selected after memorizing the question and praying God. If client is not sure about the number, then a book should be opened spontaneously and take the number on the right hand side page (page number). However a number can serve only one question.

Those clients with doubtful birth details (either time or date) can order for “Birth Time Correction” (BTC). Client should provide important events of his/her life.Astrologer will arrive at birth time through KP system and provide the report. Additional information mentioned in the order form for “BTC” is more helpful for the astrologer. After rectification client can order for other services with those birth details.

We use all our experience and knowledge for giving predictions. We believe that success of our client is success of our mission. Therefore tmost care will be taken from our side to generate most accurate predictions. As we all know astrology is a complex science, we cannot take responsibility for success or failure. It is the divine power that
decides or guides everything.

No, is not having any refund policy .