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“The purpose of living is to discover the purpose of living” – KSK

I am an enthusiastic student of astrology since 15 years. My journey began with normal fundamentals of astrology in the year 2000. Fortunately I had an opportunity to study KP under the guidance of my Astro friend (Sri E Chandra Sekhar). Since 2005 I am spending time in the application of stellar astrological principles. The more I study the more I believe that astrology is not a science of superstition but a valid guidance for human life. I strictly follow the founder and originator of KP, Sri K S Krishnamurthi ji (I feel him as my Guruji).

I have been employing Sub Lord Theory (KP) since one decade and greatly impressed by its logic and accuracy. We all know that future is always uncertain and there is a lot of difference between guessing and predicting. Guess may be the work of anyone but prediction is the art of only few. Authentic application of the available stellar astrology rules is yielding satisfactory results in predictions. I suppose every client will be interested in astrology only up to the extent of accurate prediction.

In our country, astrology is more than counseling or guidance. It is thoroughly embedded into our culture and society. There is not a single event in our life which is not associated with astrology directly or indirectly. As time passes lot of improvisations will naturally creep into any science so also with astrology. Clarity of thought and unbiased reasoning alone will unearth the Truth.

I am of strong conviction that practical validity is needed than theoretical assumptions. So I would like to provide meaningful astrological opinions for my clients rather than filling the pages with meaningless astrological jargon. My attitude will reflect in my articles and write-ups also. People will be benefited with accurate predictions is the only motive of my astrological enterprise. I sincerely accept the success and failure against all odds. I never write anything biased and always try to exhibit my academic interest only.

Peace and prosperity to all!


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“Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality” - Steven Forrest
“There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life” - Mihira
“Astrology is a language, if you understand its language, the sky speaks to you” Dane Rudhyar
“As it above so it below” – Emerson