Marriage when – KP Horary analysis

Marriage prediction through KP horary system is the purpose of this article. Every horoscope may not reveal expected results some horoscopes may reveal such facts that may not be acceptable to client at the time of analysis but astrologer should stick on to his analysis and scientific explanation.

I was presented with a horary horoscope with seed no.175 the question being “when will I get married and settled down?”

I had a glance at 7th sub lord Saturn, he is in Asc being lord of 2-3 houses and posited in Venus star and Mercury sub. Venus is in 5th house being lord of 11th house and Mercury is in Rahu star in 7th house. Therefore Saturn is strongly connected with 5-7-11 houses!

I thought in myself that this chart had Mercury-Saturn period till Feb 2019. I suspected a possibility of marriage already happened and expressed by doubt about the same, the person presenting this chart agreed and said that there was a strong talk that she was already married and looking for second marriage.

I said that Kethu with Saturn will not cause marriage during its period till 2026 coz it is with Saturn and representing Jupiter in 12th house.

Second sub lord is Rahu, it is in Jupiter star and Mercury sub. Jupiter is in 12th house and Mercury is in Rahu star connected with 5-7-10 houses. Prominence of 5th house suggested me possibility of having a living relationship rather than marriage.

I predicted that she may never get married but may have company with a person known to her. Surprisingly the person presenting chart said that there was a strong opinion for everyone that she already had a relationship with a person! 

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