Will I settle abroad? – KP Astrology Prediction

In these days of globalization, we quite often face the question of settlement in foreign countries.  The following the horoscope of a person eager to have a foreign settlement:

In KP Astrology,   one will move foreign countries forever when the sub-Lord of the 12th house is connected with movable signs and also 3-9-12 houses.

In practical experience, it was found that the connection of 3-9-12 houses to the 10th cusp sub-Lord is important to predict career abroad at the same time 2-6-10-11 should also have a connection with the sub-Lord of 12th house to confirm the prediction of making money in foreign lands. After all, everyone tries to go abroad only to buildup wealth and financial resources. 

Judicious selection is very important in giving predictions otherwise one may not conclude. Remarks I make in my postings are my personal views (may or may not have references) because they are from my practical observations while offering predictions. 

In this horoscope, the sub-lord of the 10th House is Venus. It is deposited in the star and subdivision of the sun approaching towards 12th house. Further, the Sun is associated with lords of 3 and 9 Mars and Venus respectively.

The sub lord of the 12th house is Rahu and it is strongly connected with 3-9-10-11-12 houses which is a clear-cut indication for making money in foreign lands through the profession.

The present period is Rahu-Saturn until April 2023.  Rahu is in the star of Saturn and the latter is aspecting the 10th House from the ascendant.  There may be some confusion about the matter until the completion of this period. 

As Rahu is located in the subdivision of Mercury, strong planets connected with development houses, there must be confirmation about the settlement abroad during the period of Mercury.  The native must have settlement during the Rahu-Mercury-Rahu period Between September 2024 and February 2025.  Sun will be translating in the sign of Scorpio for the natal position of Rahu in November.  Therefore confirmation about the settlement in a foreign land must come during the morning of November 2024.

Therefore my prediction is that the determination to have a settlement in foreign countries by April 2023 and conformation about the same by November 2024.  This native will and must settle in a foreign country only.

Good Luck!

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