Source of income: KP Astrology explains

Suffering from a serious financial crisis, a native put the question about the source of incoming to get rid of the financial problem.  The following is the horoscope:

 We have to carefully give our considerable opinion in questions like this. 

The Source of income will be the matters of well-fortified house in the horoscope. Vedic-Astrology says that whenever a planet is well placed then there will be prosperity through the houses owned by that planet. Converting the same into KP astrology we have to say that a house will give financial success, the sub-Lord of which is connected with wealth-building houses. 

In this horoscope, the only favorable planet connected with development houses like 1-3-6 houses is the Moon. It is ruling the subdivisions of 8 and 11 houses. That means that the native can come out successful through the matter indicated by 8 and 11 houses. It seems to me that the native already utilized the sources like friends, elders of the family, and lenders by the time of asking this question. The horoscope is showing fluctuations in financial matters and perfect freedom is scarcely possible.

One may ask Why the Mercury period resulted in financial uncertainty so far.  Only in the KP system, we can find answers to such questions.  Mercury is deposited in the star of Saturn in the occupant of the 2nd house which denotes the financial status of the person. Generally, it is considered as significator of the second house and one should expect financial growth during the period of such planet.   we should never forget that the sub lord is the deciding factor.  The Lord of the subdivision where mercury is tenanted plays an important role. 

Rahu is the sub-Lord of Mercury and associated with the Sun, Saturn and Venus.  Both Sun and Venus are located in the constellation of Ketu an occupant of the 8th house. For the assessment of strength, you should consider Rahu to be connected with 2-7-8 houses very strongly.  Therefore Mercury will surely result in financial uncertainty over a period of time.  the sub-periods of planets located in the star of Rahu will bring more and more pressure. 

The combination of 8 and 11 houses is indicating partnership business.  Therefore we have to predict that there is a possibility for doing partnership business in the present sub-period of the Moon which will prevail and till February 2022.  Even though there is pressure in the sub-period of Mars Between February 2022 and February 2023 the native may manage. Things will become normal by the end of the Rahu sub-period by September 2025. 

Moon associated with Mars in the sign of Gemini is indicating possibilities of developing websites or E-Commerce platforms or distribution of some medical-related products or spare parts for home appliances. The combination of Moon and Jupiter is indicating business related to academic services also. Of course, there will be returns that may not be sufficient enough to cope with the financial crisis but still, the native will be able to resolve some impinging issues. 

Therefore we have to predict partnership business that may help to resolve some problems and financial affluence can be anticipated only after September 2025.

Good Luck!

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