Fate of AAP – Election 2020 – KP prediction

Delhi assembly election 2020 is going to be significant in national level. The present ruling AAP is under serious pressure from the other 2 competitors Congress and BJP.  Winning this election is very important from the viewpoint of BJP and Congress as well. But Aravind khejriwal is confident about his ruling so far.

At this juncture, I received horary number 91 from an enthusiastic person to know the prospects of AAP in assembly election 2020. Following is the horoscope prepared for the seed number:

As per KP system, the sub lord of 6th of house will decide the competitive success whereas the sub lord of 11th house indicates fulfillment of desire.

Leo rises over the ascendant for the seed number. The sub lord of 6th house is Venus; it is located in 7th house in the star of Rahu and subdivision of Mars in 4th house. Here Mars stars are unoccupied and hence may become powerful planet for 4th house, but it is deposited in the star of mercury an occupant of 6th house. Therefore Venus is connected with 7-11 houses at Star level 4-2-6 houses at sub level.

This combination is indicating possibility of success after some controversial happenings. Placement of Mars in 4th house is indicating all possible “resistance” from opposing parties. Ultimate result will be favorable because Mars is under the dictates of mercury in 6th house.

Sub lord of 11th house is Jupiter and it is posited in the star of Venus and subdivision of Rahu. Jupiter is indicating 3-7-10 houses at Star level and 2-6-11 houses at sub level. It is also showing success irrespective of the opposition.

As per this horary horoscope, Moon-Jupiter-Rahu period will rule till 05-03-2020. Jupiter in Rahu sub is good so Moon should give positive results during Jupiter sub period. Rahu in Mercury sub is good hence this period is also favorable.

As per KP, Venus-Mars-Rahu/Jupiter sub will be 39/40 seed numbers respectively (at minimum level) and Mercury-Rahu-Rahu/Jupiter sub will be 47/48 seed numbers respectively.

My prediction is that AAP will win this election with 39/40 or 47/48 seats.

Good Luck!

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