Delay in marriage: KP analysis

In recent times we are facing lot of issues regarding marriage and marital life. The growing complexity of society and the mechanization of every aspect of life might have been playing major role in influencing cultural and personal aspects of life. It is only through astrology, a person can seek guidance about marriage and marital life. KP astrology has a clear set of rules in predicting the timing of marriage in course of marital life. In this article, I am going to present the case study of an anxious person to know the timing and quality of his marital life.
KP rules:
The sub lord of 7th house will decide the possibility of marriage. If it is connected with 2-7-11 houses then marriage is promised. Involvement of watery signs/fast moving planets/movable signs because early marriage whereas slow moving planets are specially Saturn will cause delay.
The sub lord of 11th house will decide the quality of married life. If it is connected with 1-5-7-11 houses then one will develop warm and affectionate relationship with the spouse. If it is connected with 2-3-9-10 houses then one may help normal relationship for the sake of society or family. If it is connected with 4-6-8 houses then there will be enmity and possibility of violence in marital life.
(This observation may hold good for horary horoscope prepared for the question of quality of married life be)
If the sub lord of 7th house is connected with 5-11 houses strongly then there is possibility for love marriage. Strong connection of 9 and 12 houses along with Rahu may cause marriage with NRI. If it is connected with only 9th house then one may marry a stranger. If it is strongly connected with 3rd house then one may marry a person known to them or to their family.
Planets connected with the sub lord of 7th house will decide the physical and mental qualities of the spouse. Planets placed nearest to the cusp or aspecting the 7th cusp will describe the conditions under which marriage will take place and the timing of marriage.
Some explanation:
Planets closely associated with a particular house will have strong say on the matters of the house. All the possible outcomes indicated by the planet will be reflected in its constellation. Any planet connected in such constellation will offer the results indicated by the planet by its association with the cusp (it may be either occupation or ownership). If we observe the association of the planet may differ in its degree. For instance, Saturn is lord of 8-9 houses but situated very close to the 7th house in your horoscope. The degree of Saturn as owner of the house and as an occupant of 7th house will differ the later being stronger. Therefore any planet posited in the constellation of Saturn will give the results indicated by Saturn as a close associate of 7th house (including the quality of the sign with 7th cusp falls etc) during its period. If Saturn delays marriage then it will offer marriage to the planet deposited in its constellations.
Let us analyse the following horoscope to know the possible timing of marriage:

At 1st look, we find the placement of Saturn in 7th house. Placement of Mars in 7th sign counted from Moon! Now the sub lord of 7th house is Moon and it is deposited in the star of Rahu and subdivision of Mars. Rahu is in 11th house along with Jupiter and Sun (both shifted into 10th house). Mars is posited in the 12th house in the star of Venus in 9th house (stranger). It will be an arranged marriage.
Here my analysis is that Mars staring at Moon will have a negative impact for the finalization of marriage because it is more associated with 12th house than 7th house. Of course it is positive by its stellar signification. If we observe closely will come to know that Moon is exactly on 6th cusp! It may not deny marriage but it will have some negative impact. Any planet then in being in the constellation of Moon may not support marriage and any planet then ending the sub position of such planet cannot cause marriage during its sub period. In his horoscope, Ketu is in the star of Moon and hence will not move the matter of marriage and Rahu deposited in the sub of Ketu could not result in marriage in spite of best efforts by parents to find a partner for him. This is how KP astrology works!
Now the significations of Moon are not entirely delaying marriage but negative to some extent.
Sri KSK, on many occasions pointed that those significators which are deposited in the subdivision of relevant houses should be considered as fruitful and they alone can bring the event and such planets are coined as “Fruitful Significators”. All other planets may appear to bring out the results but ultimately fails in such planets are termed as “Temptors”.
One more thing to remember is that the planet ruling the period and its connection through star and sub will also impact of the timing of events. In my experience, I found that if a planet is posited in the star and sub the lords of which are indicating positive and negative results respectively, then during the period of the planet it will cause the event during the period of star lord and fail the event during the period of sub lord (remember the rule sub lord is a deciding factor). Conversely if a planet is deposited in the star and sub the lords of which are indicating the detail and positive results respectively, then during the period of the planets it will not cause the event during the period of star lord and materialise the event during the period of sub lord. This observation is subject to test.
Here Saturn the main period ruler is in the star of mercury is of Jupiter. Mercury is lord of the 2nd house and deposited in the star and sub of Rahu 11th house is positive. Jupiter is deposited in Saturn star and sub of Sun in Saturn star again which is also positive. In this case Saturn can cause marriage in either of Mercury or Jupiter sub period both the positive but during Saturn- Mercury period the native was between 16 and 19 years which is not marriageable age by common sense and strength of 7th sub lord of Moon already indicated delaying marriage.
One may say that Rahu is a node and stronger than Jupiter so Saturn-Rahu period is positive but we already observed that Rahu is in the subdivision of Ketu and denied marriage during its period. So we left with Saturn-Jupiter period which is ruling between January 2020 and July 2022. We can also consider the main period of mercury for that we have to verify the ruling planets.
Ruling planets at the time of analysis on 9-December 2019 at 05:44 AM are Mars-Saturn (Asc) and Mars-Venus (Moon) as well as Day lord being Sun (Still not sun rise).
Among the above there is no Mercury but there is Saturn. Therefore we can safely predict that Saturn main period itself will bring marriage.
Rahu may not cause marriage on its own but it will represent the significations of Jupiter during the period of Jupiter. That means Rahu denied marriage during its period but it will support marriage to the depositors in its stars as a representative of Jupiter (when Jupiter period he is ruling). In that sense planets deposited in the stars of Rahu will become stronger than those deposited in the star of Jupiter. So Moon and Mercury will qualify themselves as executors of the event.
The more I predict the possibility of marriage during Saturn-Jupiter-Mercury period that rules between October 2020 and February 2021.
Jupiter will transit in the sign of the main period ruler Saturn and conjunct with him during the month of November 2020. Sun will reach the star of Saturn and subdivision of Jupiter in the 1st week of December 2020. Lord of the 7th Mars will be transiting in 11th house and join the birth position of Rahu. Sub- sub period ruler Mercury will be transiting in the star of Jupiter in the sign of 7th Lord Mars.
So my prediction is that marriage will take place in the 1st week of December 2020.
Peace and prosperity to all!

Good luck!!


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