Fate of Netanyahu in 2019 Isreal Elections – KP Astrology Prediction

Israel is set to have elections in Sep 2019. In this write-up we shall give an attempt to predict whether much talked “Netanyahu” wins his fifth term and creates history or not through “KP-horary astrology”.
Following is the horoscope for the moment:

If the sub lord of 6th house connected with 1, 2,3,6,10,11 houses then person/party in Ascendant will win the election.
Conversely if the sub lord of 12th house (6th house from 7th house opponent) is connected with 4,5,7,8,9,12 houses then the person/party Ascendant will face defeat.
Asc denotes “Netanyahu” so 6th house from it will indicate whether he can come out victorious over his opposite contestants or not. That means 6th sub lord decides whether he will get majority so that he can form the govt or not.
Here 6th sub lord is Moon and is in 8th house in Rahu star and Sun sub. Sun is in 9th house (12th to 10th house) posited in Saturn star. Saturn is in 3rd house in retro being lord of 4 and 5 houses.
So Moon is connected to 3, 4, 5 and 9, at sub level.
Now converse verification, 12th sub lord is Venus. It is posited in Saturn star and own sub. Venus is in 9th house where as Saturn is in 3rd house being lord of 4 and 5 houses. Hence Venus is connected with 3, 4 and 5 houses very strongly.
Considering both the Sub lords of 6 and 12 houses we can say that Netanyahu may face tough fight from opposite leader “Benny Gantz”. As per my knowledge Netanyahu has lesser chances to win.

Netanyahu has lesser chances to win this prestigious Election; it may be a tough combat.
Good Luck

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