Will Yeddyurappa complete full term as CM this time? – KP Astrology Prediction

After winning floor test BJP leader “Sri Yeddyurappa” become chief-minister for Karnataka state for the fourth time. As per internet sources I came to know that he took oath at 06:35 PM in Bengaluru today. I would like to comment on this time chart through KP system. Following is the horoscope for the moment:

Ascendant        – Person (Sri Yeddyurappa)

Tenth house     – Power

Seventh house – Opposition

Twelfth house – Secret activities against Govt etc

Brief analysis as per Vedic Astrology

Asc is in Capricorn owned by Saturn; it is in twelfth house along with Kethu!

Asc was aspected by Mars, Mercury, Sun and Venus. Among them Mars is in debilitation, Sun is lord of the 8th house, Mercury is in enemy house and Venus is in the process of combustion! All these planets are in 8th house from Saturn (Asc lord). All of them were under the aspect of retrograde Jupiter from Scorpio.

So Asc is considerably weak and when Jupiter gets into Saturn /Kethu area (in this chart Purvashada-4th quarter) in transit may cause damage to the govt.

Tenth lord and yoga karak for this Asc, Venus is combust and placed in “Naidhana Tara” for the Moon star. Savior of the chart Mercury (9th lord) is in enemy’s camp and retro.

Saturn is showing that lower section of the society may not be satisfied with the ruling, it is also indicating problems created by own people. Sun aspecting Asc may cause ill-reputation and allegations from the commencement of its dasa in Sep 2019 (as per the chart). Note planets in cancer sign are in tenth house counted from tenth house and hence will carry great influence on ruling. Sun is certainly evil for this chart as he is afflicting tenth lord and dire enemy for the asc lord.

Analysis as per KP astrology

I give more importance to Asc and tenth house. Strength of these houses decides fate of the govt that took birth for that moment.

Here Asc sub lord is Mercury, he is in Jupiter star and Rahu sub. Jupiter is in 11th house and Rahu is in 6th house in Jupiter star again. Rahu stars are unoccupied so very powerful for 6-9 houses. So mercury is connected with 6-9-11 houses which is definitely beneficial. So Sri Appa is powerful in dealing with situations and controlling opponents especially “media” (mercury).

Tenth sub lord is Venus, it is very close to 7th house and deposited in the star and sub of Saturn. So it is connected with 7-10-12 houses very strongly. This combination is not favorable to continue hassle free govt.

Planets connected with Venus may cause trouble during their periods.

Sun maha dasa that rules from Sep 2019 is indicating possible turmoil, Sun is in the sub of Venus and hence indicates disturbance. Moon in the sub of Kethu in 12th house may cause trouble due to a public property in its period that rules between Jan-Jul 2020.

Mars is the sub of Sun, so whatever Sun indicates Mars (Ruling planet) executes. So Sun-Mars period that rules between Jul-Nov 2020 may make the survival of this Govt questionable!

Readers should be aware of the fact that every letter in our website ( is out of academic interest and devotion towards this noble science. We never write anything with bias or personal interest.

With best wishes to Sri Yeddyurappa garu and to people of Karnataka…

Good Luck!

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