Raghuram Rajan – IMF chief!? : KP Astrology prediction

Former RBI Governor Mr Raghu Ram Rajan is under consideration for the chief position of IMF according to Internet sources. I like to know whether he will join IMF.
Following Horoscope prepared for the moment of judgment.

Rule: If the 10th sub lord is connected to 2, 6, 10, 11 one will have development in career.
In this horoscope, ASC denoted Mr Rajan. The sub lord of 10th house is Mercury. It is in retro but posited in the star and sub of Saturn. Saturn is also retro and placed in 5th house owning 6 and 7 houses. Further Saturn is in star of Venus lord of 3 and 10 houses placed in 11th house. So Mercury is signifying 3,5,10 and 11 houses.

Here we have to note that the sub lord of 10th house Mercury is itself retro, placed in star and sub of retro planet. In my opinion that will not prevent Mercury to offer its significations. Behaviour of retro planets need careful study. So I feel that in spite of having such a placement Mercury will give 3, 6,10,11 house results which is highly favourable for Mr Rajan. Ofcource there maybe suspense till the last moment.
Incidentally Mercury is also the sub lord of 6th house. The sub lord of 11th house is moon it is in Jupiter star and Rahu sub. Rahu stars are unoccupied hence it will strongly give results of Venus, Saturn and Mercury. That means Rahu is strongest planet for 2,6,10 and 11 houses. It seems to me that Mr Raajan will be selected.

Timing of the event:
Jupiter – Rahu period till 20th Apr 2020,
Jupiter is a strong planet for 2 and 11 houses. Rahu is highly favourable as explained above.

As per my knowledge I can emphatically say that Mr Rajan will be shortlisted for this position in IMF.


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