Chandrayaan –II second attempt: KP Astrological review

In my pervious article on Chandrayaan –II,  I “observed” that there is possibility for delay as the scheduled launching horoscope indicated strong influence of Saturn. In fact the scheduled launch was postponed the due to some technical issues. The countdown was stopped 56 minutes 26 seconds before the launching time.

Again the launch was scheduled on 22 July 2019 at 2:43 PM. In this article I would like to present my observations on 2 important facts:

  1. Why there was postponement in the first attempt?

In my earlier write-up I took a horary map to predict the prospects of this project. In horary astrology the horoscope will indicate each and every aspect of this project so we should find clue for postponement and halting hardening of countdown. The horary map taken in my previous article is as follows (Horo-I):

If we observe the horary map, there is strong influence of Saturn over seven planets of the horoscope. Moon, Mars and Mercury planets were in Saturn stars, Rahu, Kethu and Saturn were in Saturn subs and Rahu was aspected by Saturn. Only Jupiter was not influenced by Saturn. Therefore there may be some obstacles or impediments for the execution of the project.

If we calculate the planetary position at the moment of countdown stoppage, Moon was in Jupiter sign Kethu star and moon subdivision. Ascendant was in Venus sign in Sun star and Jupiter sub.

In the “Horo-I”, planets connected with the 8th house are Saturn, Kethu, Rahu, Jupiter and moon. Venus is the only planet in the star of Rahu and the Sun is posited in the subdivision of such Venus. Therefore the planets mentioned above are connected with the 8th house of delay and obstruction.

If we verify, these planets are ruling the sign star and sub on moon as well as ascendant at the time of technical error. This clearly shows the power of horary astrology and the planetary way of execution different events.

  1. Whether launching time scheduled today will be successful or further postponed.

On 22 July 2019 at 2:43 PM in Sriharikota the following is the planetary setup in the heavens:

Ascendant is in Mars sign Saturn star and Sun sub whereas the moon is transiting in Jupiter sign Saturn star and Mercury sub.

Here interesting fact is that the transit of moon is in the zones of Jupiter and Saturn which are main and sub period lords for

I do not find any serious obstructions for the scheduled launch the satellite today.

One may say that the sub lord of ascendant is Sun and it is posited in the star and sub division of retrograde Saturn. For the Sun is in 8th house. It seems to me that all the negative energy of Sun will be diluted by the positive aspect of Jupiter. Hence we need not worry about technical issues.

As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter is rising in the ascendant, it is casting its glance over Mars, Sun and Moon in 9th house and moon in 5th house. Strong influence of Jupiter will ward off evil nature of other planets and bring peace and prosperity.

In concluding lines it can be said that the launch of this prestigious project for India today will be successful. As per the planetary position the future prospects of this satellite are also positive.

Good luck


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