Chandrayaan – II: KP Astrological prediction

India is going launch its prestigious “Chandrayaan-II” in early hours of July-15. I want to know whether this launch will become successful and Chandrayaan-II accomplish its mission. Following is the KP-horoscope for the moment of judgment:

Will Chandrayaan-II reaches its destination safely or not?

Asc sub lord denotes whether there is danger or collapse while launching the Rocket.

Here Libra rises in the east. Venus-Rahu-Mercury are co-rulers of the cusp. Mercury the sublord (deciding factor) is in retro in Saturn star and Venus sub. Saturn is in 3rd house (leaving present location), Venus is in 9th house (long journey and new surroundings) and finally Venus is in the star of Rahu occupant of 9th house along with 11th lord Sun. So Mercury is connected with 3, 4, 5 houses at stellar level and 1,9, 11 houses at sub-level.

There is no connection with dangerous houses like 2-7-12 houses “so launch will be successful”. Life span of this satellite is good! There may be few technical issues during Mercury-Mercury-Saturn period that rules between Oct 2023 and Mar 2024.

Will Chandrayaan-II accomplish the mission objective?

Sub lord of 11th house is Venus. It is in 9th house (research/information), in the star of Rahu and sub of Sun. Rahu is in 9th house (radiographic images/pictures etc) and Sun is in 9th house (being lord of 11th house/its stars are unoccupied) in the star of Jupiter in 2nd house (productive material).

Therefore it is quite clear that the objective of this project will be achieved without a dint of doubt.

Is there any delay in launching of satellite?

Third house denotes movement or starting of a journey. Here the sublord of third house is Mercury; It is in Moon-Saturn-Venus zone. Interestingly Asc at the time of launching Satellite in Sriharikota is in Venus-Moon-Saturn zone only!

Observations on the scheduled time of launching

Planetary position for the scheduled time of launching is in the following horoscope:

Saturn is retro in Sagittarius sign in third house, so there may be delay or postponement of launching.

As per Vedic astrology the planetary position is somewhat alarming! Saturn-Kethu-Moon in 8th sign from Asc with Kethu-Mars period going on! Mercury is retro with Mars in 3rd sign (journey and signals received by it-I doubt some communication problem due to crash of a software). Asc lord Venus is with Sun-Rahu in second sign (prospects of satellite in its infancy, just like childhood for us). Jupiter is in retro in 7th sign.  So the apparent planetary strength is not positive however I would like to give my KP analysis on the planetary position of exact moment of launching. 

Good Luck

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