Predicting number of winning seats in assembly elections AP – KP experiment

This is my experimental write up about predicting number of winning seats through KP principles.

I am using the following steps for arriving at conclusion.

  1. Note number of seats that are available for assembly. Here it is 175 seats so we take 175 as maximum possible wins.
  2. Houses 6-10-11 houses denotes success over opponents. Signifcators connected with these at sub level are fruitful.
  3. Note the sign-star-sub represented by the above significators that are common with “Ruling Planets”. Corresponding seed number will be the winnings seats.

An ardent follower of YSRCP gave number 97 to know the outcome. Following is the horary map:

Ruling planets:


Sub lord of 6th house is Mercury. It is in the star of Venus and sub of Rahu in 11th house. Here no planets are deposited in the stars of Rahu. Therefore Mercury is strongly connected with 10-11 houses indicating thumping victory.

Extracting each planet on the basis of sub then we get fruitful significators are Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Rahu and Kethu will become significators as they represent Moon and Saturn respectively.

Taking common with RPs, we get Moon, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Rahu and Kethu.

Considering the strength of Ruling planets I pitched Mercury as sign lord. There we can choose Sun and Moon stars. This sub numbers range from 106-120. Among them I selected the following zones:

Mercury-Sun-Jupiter: seed no.107

Mercury-Moon-Rahu : seed no.114

Therefore it can be said that YSRCP may get 107 or 114 assembly seats in coming elections.

Please note that the above prediction is only out of academic interest without any prejudice on my part.

To the feet of Lord Ganeshji and Sri KSK


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