Change in job- analysis through KP system

One of my clients was eager to know about the possible job change in the near future. The following is his horoscope:

In KP system, it is said that a planet is connected to a matter through its star, whereas the sub lord is the ultimate deciding factor about the prospect of the matter.

That means if a planet is connected with the career matters at its star level, whether there is promotion, change, demotion, resignation or dismissal will be decided by the sub lord.

Here the question is about change. Therefore he has to run the period of planets connected with career matters at Star level and they should also signify 3, 5 and 9 houses at sub level.

This native is under Jupiter-Mercury period till the end of August 2019.

Jupiter is lord of the 9th house and deposited in his own star and subdivision. Therefore the main period lord is positive with respect to change in job. Mercury is posited in 6th of house in the star of Sun and subdivision of Moon. It is not strong enough to cause a change.

The following is the period of Ketu should be considered. It is occupant of 10th house without any planet in its star. Further it is deposited in the star of Moon and the subdivision of Jupiter. Therefore Kethu is connected with 2 and 10 houses star level but 9th house at sub level. Therefore change in job can be predicted without a shadow of doubt during the sub period of Ketu itself.

Considering the transit of Jupiter in the star of Ketu from November 2019, transit of Ketu over the position of mercury and the transit of Sun in the star of Moola in the month of December 2019, it was predicted that change in job will take place in the month of December 2019.

To the feet of Lord Ganesh Ji and Sri KSK

Good luck

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