Delay in marriage: KP analysis

In recent times we are facing lot of issues regarding marriage and marital life. The growing complexity of society and the mechanization of every aspect of life might have been playing major role in influencing cultural and personal aspects of life. It is only through astrology, a person can seek guidance about marriage and marital…
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Marriage when – KP Horary analysis

Marriage prediction through KP horary system is the purpose of this article. Every horoscope may not reveal expected results some horoscopes may reveal such facts that may not be acceptable to client at the time of analysis but astrologer should stick on to his analysis and scientific explanation. I was presented with a horary horoscope…
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Possibility of marriage – KP analysis

My client asked this question whether she can marry a particular person or not. Following is the time chart for the moment: Here the sub lord of 7th house is Venus. It is in the star and sub of Mercury an occupant of 6th house. Mercury again deposited in the star of Sun in 6th…
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Higher education or marriage ? – KP Horary analysis

My client asked whether he will get admission for higher education or marry which will happen first. Following is the time chart for the moment: Here 7th house (marriage) and 9th house (higher education) both have Rahu as its sub lord! I read Rahu carefully, it is in Jupiter star and own sub. Jupiter is…
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Marriage Prediction – KP system

When will my marriage take place? is the question of my client with following horoscope: The sub lord of 7th house is the indicator for possibility as well as timing of marriage. Here Venus rules the sub on 7th cusp, it is in star of Kethu and own sub. Kethu is in 11th house and…
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Will we get marriage confirmation from bride? – KP analysis

My client posed me this question whether the marriage negotiations will take positive turn and will the marriage with that bride is possible or not? Following is the horary map for the moment: As per KP the sub lord of 7th house is Jupiter. His stars are unoccupied and he owns 2-11 houses and tenanted…
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Marriage denial-bitter fact: KP analysis

I got the opportunity to verify this horoscope which is very interesting for astrology lovers. The following is the horoscope of a girl who was unmarried till now and her parents are anxious about it. As per KP the sub lord of 7th house should be strongly signify houses 2-7-11 for marriage. The strength of…
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No marriage? – KP prediction

This is the horoscope of a person with abnormal delay in marriage. I applied the principles of KP astrology as follows: Rule: Marriage is not promised when sub lord of the 7th house is connected with 6-10-12 houses. Here we should apply the rule from different perspectives. We should also cross verify with the other…
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Permanent separation or not?

Following is the horoscope for the moment of judgement. Question is whether there is permanent separation from husband or not. As per KP, the sub Lord of seventh house should signify 1, 6 and 12 houses for permanent separation. In this horoscope, the sub Lord of seventh house as well as the 11th house is…
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Marriage when- KP analysis

A client approached me for marriage reading. Following is her horoscope: Analysis: The sub lord of the 7th house is Venus. She is in 3rd house in the star of Jupiter and owns sub. Therefore Venus is strong for 3-5-8 houses. If we see carefully Venus is close to Rahu the star lord for 7-11…
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