Terms and Conditions


  1. All predictions are given depending upon the birth/horary details of the client.


  2. We do not presume any direct or indirect responsibility for our reports.

  4. Any remedial measures or advises suggested by us are purely out of academic interest and it is the discretion of the client to follow them or not.

  6. Our services (Email report or Phone consultation) will be delivered within three working days after the receipt of payment. In case of breach from our side money will be refunded.

  8. Post order questions regarding the content of the report alone are answered. Such questions should be asked within 7 working days after the delivery of service.

  10. Any question against the law will not be answered.

  12. Predictions for the questions regarding legal matters should not be considered as contempt of court. They are purely meant for solace of client and should not be manipulated.

  14. All predictions about sports/politics/current affairs etc are astrological observations only. Any material or monetary application of our readings is not applicable to us.

  16. Most of our communication will be through E-mail.

  18. We predict out of our experience only and we never intend to oppose or against the interest of any person/institution.

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