Our Objective is to promote and propagate this “Divine Science of Astrology” through our services and research.

This website is a platform for people needing clear cut predictions for astrologers to present their thoughts through write-ups and for learners to get more information about this holy science.  We have a strong commitment to provide “truly” useful predictions to our clients by applying most valid astrological predictive techniques. “KP system” is what we admire and follow the most.

Great master mind Shri K S Krishnamurthy (inventor of KP system) asserted that Astrology is a pucca science and every astrologer should deal it as a science. We strongly believe this statement and in practice also we implement it in letter and spirit. Time to time we shall publish our application of KP principles and try to do research type of works. All the inferences we derive from our works are purely academic without any offense or criticism to any others. They are our humble opinions open to public any astrologer and learner can apply and test them with open mind.