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Child Birth

Twin Horoscopy: KP analysis

The rules of KP system are simple in the logic as well as in application. I came across a peculiar case study of twin birth with 1 minute birth time difference. Their birth times are 10:26 AM and 10:27 AM...

Mother surgery: KP system prediction

My client asked me and seriously about her mother.  She was suffering with cardiac complications. The main question of my client is to know about the possibility of surgery to her mother.  KP system is quite clear about...

Health problems- KP Horary system prediction

"Please tell me about my health through KP system" is the request of my client. Horary system was followed due to the absence of birth details. Here asc sub lord is Mars, deposited in the star and sub of...

Child birth prediction – KP system Child birth prediction – KP system

Is there any child birth for me? This is the question by my cousin. KP system is clear and prediction offered will prove to be mostly correct. Following is the horoscope: In this horoscope, cancer is in 5th house with...

Possibility of child birth-male question: KP analysis

One of my clients came to me know about the possibility of child birth to his wife. He didn't have any birth particulars of his wife and himself. I prepared the horoscope for the moment as follows and offer...

Will my father recover from ailment? – KP analysis

An anxious client came to me to know about the prospects of her father. He was suffering with some disease, the question is “whether he will recover or succumb to it?” She mentioned seed number 55: