Monday, January 20, 2020
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Raghuram Rajan – IMF chief!? : KP Astrology prediction

Former RBI Governor Mr Raghu Ram Rajan is under consideration for the chief position of IMF according to Internet sources. I like to know whether he will join IMF. Following Horoscope prepared for the moment of judgment....

Chandrayaan –II second attempt: KP Astrological review

In my pervious article on Chandrayaan –II,  I “observed” that there is possibility for delay as the scheduled launching horoscope indicated strong influence of Saturn. In fact the scheduled launch was postponed the due to some technical...

Chandrayaan – II: KP Astrological prediction

India is going launch its prestigious “Chandrayaan-II” in early hours of July-15. I want to know whether this launch will become successful and Chandrayaan-II accomplish its mission. Following is the KP-horoscope for the moment of judgment:


T20 Blast 2019 – South Group Gloucestershire vs. Middle Sex

Following is the Horoscope drawn for no.81 in favour of Gloucestershire (Ascendant): Rule:

Career prediction- KP system