Whereabouts of CCD owner VG Siddhartha-KP astrology prediction


I came across the missing news of CCD owner Mr.VG Siddhartha this morning. I sought the help of KP-Horary Astrology to know his whereabouts. I should confess that it is my attempt to apply horary astrology in different situations but not decisively giving a prediction. I too care sentiments of people and always have respect towards them. The more we apply the rule the surer our prediction will be.
This is the moment chart:

The sub lord of ascendant will decide whether the missing person is dead or alive. If the sub lord is connected with 2 7, 12 and badhaka Houses then the person in ascendant is not alive. Sri KSK, in “Horary Astrology Reader” mentioned that whereabouts of strangers should be ascertained from the 9th house. So we have to analyse above horoscope taking 9th house as ascendant and apply the given rule.
I am taking 9th house from Asc as the reference point for “VGS”. The sub lord of Ascendant (Reckoning 9th house) is Rahu. It is in Jupiter star and Saturn sub. Jupiter is in 7th house (in watery sign Scorpio) and Saturn is in star of Venus who is 1 and 6 houses but posited in 2nd house.
Note that Venus is (Lord of ascendant) deposited in the star of Badhaka lord Saturn (Taurus the Asc is fixed sign- 9th will be badhaka house). Further Rahu was also aspected by Saturn from 8th house (danger). As a node Rahu denotes its sign Lord Mercury connected with 2 and 7 houses. Hence Rahu is strongly indicating 2, 7, 8 and 9 house matters. This combination is indicating strong possibility for the demise of person reflecting in Ascendant.
As per my knowledge chances are remote for the survival of missing “CCD-Owner VGS”. Chances for committing suicide cannot be ruled out (8th house involvement). May be I am wrong but let us see what happens. Prayers to Almighty for his safe return!
Good Luck!