Lost mobile recovered or not? : KP astrology prediction


This may be the question we frequently encounter these days. In this write-up, we will try to find out whether mobile will be recovered not. The following is the horoscope for the moment when the question was asked, “Whether lost mobile will be recovered or not?”:

Third house denotes mobile and its sub lord should signify 3-6-11 houses to recover mobile. Eleventh house denotes fulfillment of desire.

Here sub lord of third house is Venus. It is deposited in Saturn star and sub. Saturn is occupant of 12th house along with Kethu in retrograde motion. This may appear to be indication of loss of mobile but if we check the star lord status of Saturn, we will get better clarity. He is Saturn is in the star of Venus and occupant of 6th house. This combination will give the result of 6th house at the sub level for Venus.

If we check sub lord of 11th house, it is Mercury. It is in 6th house in the star of Jupiter and a subdivision of Mars. Jupiter is lord of the 3rd house and posited in the 11th house which is highly favourable but Mars is posited in 7th house in the star of mercury occupant of 6th house. Therefore Mercury is connected with 3, 6, 7 and 11 houses which is favourable for the recovery of mobile. However Jupiter and Mercury being retrograde, the result may not manifest immediately. So we have to wait till Jupiter, the planet in 11th house, will cease retrogression.

The period in manifestation is Sun – Venus – Mercury till 1st week of September 2019. Mercury is highly favourable and hence there is possibility for recovery by the end of this period. It seems to me that mobile may be recovered with the help of police (mars in 7th house being significant for 6th house) during the 3rd week of August 2019.

My prediction is mobile will be recovered by the end of August 2019 if at all there is possibility for recovery.

Good luck