T20 Blast 2019 – South Group Sussex vs Surrey


Following is the horoscope drawn for no.51 in favor of Sussex (Ascendant):


If the sub lord of 6th house is connected with 1-3-6-10-11 houses then the team/player reflecting in Asc will win the match.

Conversely if the sub lord of 12th house (6th house counted from7th house-opposite team/player) is connected with 4-5-7-8-9-12 from Asc then the team/player reflecting in Asc will faced defeat.


Here 6th house sub lord is Rahu. It is posited in Saturn sub. Saturn is in Venus star in 1st house being lord of 5-12 houses. So Rahu is connected with 1-5-12 houses at sub level.

12th sub lord is Jupiter and it is in Venus sub. Venus is in Saturn star in 7th house in retro so Venus gives 6th house results. So it will give 6-8-9 houses at sub level.

Considering both the sub lord of 6-12 we can say that team in Asc has lesser chances to win.


Sussex has better chances to win.

Good Luck