T20 Blast 2019 Warwickshire VS Derbyshire


Following is the Horoscope drawn for no 67 in favour of Warwickshire (Ascendant).


If the sub lord of 6th house connected to with 1, 2,3,6,10,11 houses then the team/player will win the match.

Conversely if the sub lord of 12th house (6th house from 7th house opponent) is connected with 4,5,7,8,9,12 houses then the team/player Ascendant will face defeat.


Here 6th sub lord is Rahu. It is in 12th house. Rahu stars are unoccupied. Further it is deposited in Jupiter star and Saturn sub. Jupiter posited in 5th house in retro. Saturn is in 6th house in retro and it is lord of 7 and 8 houses. Saturn is in star of Venus who is in 12th house and owning 4 and 11 houses.

So Rahu is connected to 12, 04 and11th houses at sub level

Now the 12th sub lord is Moon. It is posited in 9th house in the star of Saturn and sub of Rahu. Saturn is placed in 6th house. Rahu is in 12th house and posited in Jupiter star. Jupiter is in 5th house in retro and it is lord of 6, and 9 house. So Moon is connected to 4th house at sub level. (6 and 9 houses occupied by planets)

 Note: we believe when the planet in retro motion will offer the result of preceding house from its occupation. Here Jupiter is in 5th house in re tro. So any planet in Jupiter star will give the 4th house result. This principle is under testing.

Considering both the Sub lords of 6 and 12 houses we can say that team in Asc will have lesser chances to win.


Derbyshire (opponent) has better chances to win the match.

Good Luck