“Kumaraswamy floor test win?” KP Prediction


Following is the Horoscope drawn for no.134 in favour of Kumaraswamy (Ascendant):


If the sub lord of 6th house connected to with 1, 2,3,6,10,11 houses then that person (Ascendant) will win in competition.

Conversely if the sub lord of 12th house (6th house from 7th house opponent) is connected with 4,5,7,8,9,12 houses then the person in Ascendant will face defeat.


Here 6th sub lord is Jupiter, it is in 2nd house in retro and further it is deposited in star of Mercury and Venus sub. Mercury is lord of 9-12 houses but posited in 9th house in retro. Venus is also placed in 9th house as lord of 1-8 houses. Further Venus is posited in star of Jupiter (retro) lord of 3 and 6th houses in 2nd house. 

So Jupiter is connected to 1 and 8 houses at sub level. (See Jupiter is retro in 2nd house and any planet in Jupiter star will give the result of 1st house)

To confirm prediction let’s check 12th sub lord and it is Saturn. Now Saturn is posited in 3rd house in Venus star and own sub. Venus is posited in 9th house being the lord of 1 and 8 houses. Therefore 12th house sub lord is connected to 1, 8, and 9 houses.

Considering both the Sub lords 6 and 12 houses we can say that person in Asc will have lesser chances to win.


Kumaraswamy has lesser chances to win floor test tomorrow.

                                  GOOD LUCK