Will BJP pass the floor test in Karnataka? KP astrology prediction


There will be an interesting situation in Karnataka politics. BJP is very keen to occupy the throne of Karnataka once again. It will be a crucial success for the BJP in the context of upcoming national elections. Out of curiosity, a random number 234 was selected to know whether BJP will pass the floor test or not. The following is the horoscope:

We have to study the sub lord of 6th house to know whether there will be success or not.

Here Leo rises over 6th house owned by Sun. As per KP the sub lord of 6th house is Venus. She is in the star of Mars and subdivision of Sun. Mars is occupant of 11th house whereas Sun is occupant of 2nd house being lord of 6th house.

Hence Venus is strongly connected with the 2, 6 and 11 houses which are denotes material success without a shadow of doubt.

Therefore the prediction according to KP system is “success for BJP in floor test”.

Good luck