Finance prediction: KP system


Will I get financial support? Is the question by an anxious client and 174 is his horary number choice. Here is the horoscope:

Here the sub lord of 6th house Jupiter, he is in 11th house in own star and Venus sub. Venus is lord of 6-11 houses and posited in the star of Kethu in 2nd house. Therefore Jupiter is connected with 2-6-11 houses. I thought support is promised. But here we should note that Jupiter is retro hence I had my own doubt about the possibility of then event. I give least preference for retrogradation and anticipate delay or re-initiation of the process but not the failure of the event. However this needs more experience to confirm.

Coming to the point, the sub lord of 6th house is strong and positive.

Saturn-Kethu-Venus period will start from 19-04-2018. Kethu is not so strong as per its star and sub but it is powerful by representing Saturn. Any planet in the star of Kethu will give the result of Saturn! So Venus is very strong here.

I predicted financial support between 19-04-2018 and 01-05-2018. Sun transits in the stars of Kethu and Venus in mesha rasi.

Long live KP, salutes to KSK.

Good Luck