Career prediction- KP system


I resigned present job and when will I get new job? This is the question we are going to answer through KP system. Following is the horoscope:

Here 10-11 houses are in Scorpio (KP system of house division) sign. He resigned job during Mercury-Mercury-Sun period. Mercury denotes 1-12 houses at sub level. Sun is in the sub of Rahu connected with 3-8-12 houses.

I predicted that he will get job between 31-03-2018 and 22-05-2018 in Mercury-Mercury-Mars period.

Mercury is lord of 6th house in 2nd house, it is in the sub of Jupiter in 6th house. It is true that Mercury is weak as 12th house is connected at sub level. But Saturn is a strong significator for 3-6 houses which denotes easy money. He rules the sub on 12th house hence Mercury is favorable.

I selected mars as he is in the star of Rahu connected with 6-10-11 houses, Mars stars are untenanted hence very powerful. He is in 5th house and rules star on 5th house. Hence I predicted relieving from old company and joining of new company during this period.

Rahu denotes Jupiter (north-east direction), thus I predicted job in a multinational company from north-east direction. Long live KP system.

Good Luck