Will we get marriage confirmation from bride? – KP analysis


My client posed me this question whether the marriage negotiations will take positive turn and will the marriage with that bride is possible or not? Following is the horary map for the moment:

As per KP the sub lord of 7th house is Jupiter. His stars are unoccupied and he owns 2-11 houses and tenanted in 9th house in the star of Mars and own sub. Therefore Jupiter pinpoints 2-7-11 houses. Incidentally he rules the sub on 3rd house.

I told my client that you are very much interested in this match and got affirmation. Here the sub lord of 9th house (3rd house from 7th house which stands for communication by opponent) is Rahu. He is in 7th house in the star of retro mercury and Saturn sub. Therefore even though Rahu denotes 7th house there is influence of retro mercury and delaying Saturn.

I boldly predicted that opponent will give a positive consent but after some delay. Bride will agree and further communication will take place after 06-09-2017 as Mercury ceases retro motion from then. Marriage will be confirmed in the second week of September 2017.

Good Luck