Will agency suits me or not? A KP analysis


A client posed me this question. He is willing to do agency for milk or cooking spices companies. He asked me whether to take up agency if so which one of the both is better.

As per KP, the sub lord of 3rd house will denote agency business. If it is connected with 2-6-10-11 houses then one can take up agency business.

Here Rahu rules the sub on 3rd house. He is in 7th house in the star and sub of Kethu in Asc. Kethu denotes Saturn in 10th house and Mars in 6th house. Therefore Rahu is connected with 6-10-11 houses. Therefore Rahu is positive and the client can take up agency business.

Among the two products, milk is under the control of Moon-Venus and spices come under Mars-Jupiter-Rahu. As 3rd sub lord is connected with Mars and Rahu but not Moon or Venus. Hence I suggested him to take up spices (Masala) business.

As Saturn is retrograde, I suggested him to finalise the deal by the end of August 2017 and star business from Oct 2017 when Saturn enters Sagittarius in the star of Kethu!

Good Luck!