When will I sell my business? – KP astrology prediction


My client asked me to predict the time when he can sell his restaurant. Following is his birth chart for reference.


KP is all about logical thinking and clear thinking. Business is a combination of 7-10 houses. Here 10th house stands for the location of business and brand name whereas 7th house denotes name and client base. In case of selling house, vehicle and business etc 7th house denotes buyer. Therefore the 10th house counted from the 7th house i.e. 4th house will be the business point for buyer.

Therefore if the sub lord of the 10th house is connected with 1-5-9-12 houses there will be selling of the business. Here there may be 3rd house also as the native will leave the place after the sale.


Here the sub lord of the 10th house is Sun. He is deposited in the star of Sun and sub of Venus. Sun is in 10th house indicates business location but Venus is in 12th house in the star of Jupiter in 9th house. There is no planet in the star of Venus. Therefore sale of business will surely take place but there is 8th lord Saturn is with Venus causing delay.


In advanced level of KP system we should take the statements of KSK in a much deeper level. He says that no house is good or bad it depends upon the combinations. A good house may give bad result and a bad house may give good result. In the same breath he avers that the strength of any cusp depends upon the significations of its sub lord. That means if the sub lord of a house is giving beneficial results then through that source the native will prosper and vice versa. In that sense we should look into the significations of all the 12 cusps of the horoscope. Outwardly it may appear to be cumbersome. But if we can understand the logic it will be very meaningful.

I request the readers (KP astrologers) to shed some light on it. We take it granted that if a planet is not fruitful for marriage if it is connected with 2/7/11 houses at stellar level and 1/6/10/12 houses at sublevel. It will hold well only when the negating houses like 1-6-10-12 are also signifying negative houses for 7th cusp otherwise there may not be separation as we used to think. This point needs serious attention for bringing more accuracy in the prediction. I am no strong authority on this point but I will write on this subject as my research work. I believe that the statement of KSK that “it is the cusp alone is the dividing line between two natives” has more meaning than what being followed.

If we read this horoscope, Mercury is connected with 6-9 houses at sub level. If we read the sub lords of 6-9 houses we will get better understanding. 6th sub lord is Moon a strong significator for 8-9 houses. He experienced problems financially during Mercury-Moon period between 2010 and 2012. The sub lord of the 9th house is Rahu, he is in the star of Saturn and sub of Kethu a strong significator for 2-7-10-12 houses. He enjoyed decent status during Mercury-Rahu period between 2013 and 2015. He has mostly foreign client base as Rahu is the sub lord for 9th house (foreigners).


Presently Mercury-Jupiter till Nov 2017. Mercury is in mars star and Saturn sub. Mars is in 8th house and Saturn is in 12th house in the star of Jupiter in 9th house. Hence Mercury is connected with 5-8 houses at star level but 6-9 houses at sub level. Then how will Mercury dasa will be even though located in 11th house! The native is not in crisis but not happy with his status. In fact he owns this business in a foreign country. He is running this business through the support of his wife. There is a beautiful fact hidden in this issue. The signification of 5-8 houses that are 2-11 houses counted from 7th house (wife) is giving money collection to spouse on daily basis.


Mercury is in the sub of Saturn, this will cause delay till the commencement of Saturn sub period. Mercury is deposited in the star of 10th lord Mars and sub of Saturn a significator for 9th house. Thus Mercury is confirming the sale of business through Saturn only. Hence I predicted that Mercury-Saturn-Saturn period between Nov 2017 and April 2018. I pitched Saturn because he met me when Moon just entered on Anuradha star owned by Saturn. He tried to meet me in Vishakha star but was not possible.

I think he will sell for a lesser price between 16-11-2017 and 16-12-2017 when Sun transit in the sign of Scorpio. To the feet of Ganesh and KSK

Good Luck