No marriage? – KP prediction


This is the horoscope of a person with abnormal delay in marriage. I applied the principles of KP astrology as follows:


Marriage is not promised when sub lord of the 7th house is connected with 6-10-12 houses. Here we should apply the rule from different perspectives. We should also cross verify with the other cusps for confirming such negative prediction otherwise it will mar the confidence of the client.


Many think that the 12th house counted from any house will negate the significations of that house. It is true but to which matters of the house is the question. We cannot take 9th house as negative for 10th house in all cases. Majority of professors, lecturers, foreign bankers etc will have 9th house connection for 10th cusp. So we have to see whether the 9th house is working in favor of 10th house that means career or not. If it is supporting then we should not consider it to be negative for career. Similarly we have to see whether 6-12 houses are favoring marriage or not. If not then alone they will hinder marriage.


Here the sub lord of 7th house is Jupiter. He is in 4th house in the star of Moon and sub of Saturn. This can be taken as “Punarphoo” resulting abnormal delay. Moon is in 4th house and Saturn is in 1st house in Rahu star. Jupiter is connected with 7th house at sub level. This may bring marriage during Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu period that rules between Aug-Dec 2018.

Here got a hint that, Jupiter’s stars are unoccupied he rules the star on 6th house and conjoined with Venus the starlord of 12th house! Saturn needs consideration, he is in the star of Rahu in 7th house but Rahu is a node. Hence it will give the results of the planets with whom it is conjoined and then star lord on priority. Rahu is with Sun both are in the star of Kethu. Kethu is with Saturn lord of 9-10 houses in Asc, Kethu also denotes Mercury the star lord for 7th house and sub lord for 6-12 houses but posited in 6th house in own star. Thus Rahu denotes 1-6-9-10-12 houses also apart from 7th house. It will weaken Jupiter considerably. Rahu didn’t permitted marriage in his main period. Hence he may permit marriage only during Saturn sub period otherwise not.

The sub lord of 2nd house is Saturn, he is in the star and sub of Rahu in 7th house but placed in the star of Kethu in Asc. Similarly the sub lord of 11th house is Venus. She is in 8th house in the star of Moon in 4th house and sub of Rahu again. Therefore Kethu is coming into the picture which denotes 1-6-9-10 houses! How far love and affection as well as child birth is promised?

Here the significant factor is Mercury, he is the star lord of the 7th house and posited in own star and sub in 6th house. He in turn rules the sub on 6-12 houses which shows that 6th cusp is working against marriage matter. If mercury is not permitting marriage then planets connected with Mercury and Kethu will act against it. If we check almost all the planets are connected with Kethu. Jupiter main period will not bear fruit in this regard.

Hence I boldly predicted that this person will not marry at all. Only there is a feeble chance between Aug-Oct 2018 but that too will not fare well because the following sub periods are not positive.

To the feet of Ganesh and KSK

Good Luck