Any foreign assignment for me? KP astrology prediction


Predicting career abroad / foreign assignment/ onsite through KP system is the essence of the article. Following is the horoscope of a person very curious to have employment abroad.


For foreign living, sub lord of 12th house should have “connection” with 3-9-12 houses and there should be interconnection between all these houses too.


Here Sagittarius is on 12th house and the sub lord is Mercury. It is in Moon star and Sun sub. Moon is in 8th house and Sun is in 2nd house in the star of Rahu.

Here there is an important point that Sun is the only occupant of Rahu star! Rahu is representative for Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter is in 3rd house and Mars in 12t h house. Thus Mercury satisfies the rule.

If we see all the three cuspual points of 3-9-12 houses are also inter-linked. Saturn aspecting Sun might be the reason for delay so far.

Presently he is under Rahu-Rahu period till May 2019. Rahu is a representative for Jupiter and hence qualifies for foreign living or job in foreign country for the client.


Native will go towards South direction for employment abroad. He will visit foreign country between Mar-June 2017. Mostly he may leave during the month of April 2017. This foreign employment prediction was given using KP system only.

Good Luck