Mars Dosha secret revealed through KP system


Really Manglik Dosh or Kuja Dosha is so evil and threatening? Is the importance given to Manglik Dosh justified? This article based on KP system will reveal the truth.

Generally it is said that Mars placed in 1-2-4-7-8-12 houses counted from Asc-Moon-Venus will cause “Mars Dosh”. It will have dreadful impact on marriage and marital life. In reality we are getting contradictory results for this rule. The following questions need attention:

  1. Do placements of Mars in such houses cause disturbances in marital life for all?
  2. All people facing problems in marital do have ‘Mars Dosh’ (MD)?
  3. How can MD in a horoscope get canceled with the same MD in the spouse’s horoscope? Doesn’t it become doubly powerful?

Layman doesn’t know the logics behind these concepts. It is the duty of astrologer to clearly explain the planetary configuration and the corresponding impact of them on the native.

First of all one should ascertain from the horoscope about the basic point. “Will he/she destined to have pleasant marital life or not?” this question is foremost important than compatibility. If there is combination for ”Dual/multiple marriages” present in the horoscope, isn’t it foolishness to search for compatibility for first marriage? Hence astrologer need to find out whether there is peaceful marriage or not.

If it is positive then one need not entertain fear about marriage and marital life.

Another important fact that need utmost attention of public and astrologer is that planets promise the events and the same will be experienced during the conjoined periods of planets only. This alone is the truth. No astrologer can change the timing of the event at his/her will as well as that of the native.   If the promising period is going to take place in sometime that is far from the expectation of the native, then astrologer should console him/her. But never show any planet to be responsible for such delay.

Everyone should recognize that truth can never be changed.

Coming to the point, 4-8-10 houses will carry negating impact on marital life. Houses 6-12 are for separation from spouse. Hence any planet signiyfing these houses is said to be
“opposing” for the marital happiness of the native. If Mars is one such significator then obviously during its period there may be untoward results in marital life. Like humans planets were also ascribed with behavior. Mars has bold and energetic on positive side but cruel and torturing on negative side. Hence Mars indicate violent separation if negatively posited in the horoscope.

Hence astrologer should look into 7th house to deduce about possible matrimonial life for the native. Then check the significations of Mars. If both are negative then there will be problems during the period of Mars or planets connected with it at star or sub level. This is the only condition to say “Mars”is indicating Dosha (unacceptable results for the native). Otherwise nothing to say about Manglik Dosh or kuja Dosh etc

Good Luck