Role of Saturn in delayed marriage: KP astrology


Will Saturn always cause delay in marriage? What are the placements of Saturn that may cause delay in marriage? Will Saturn also cause marriage denial? Answer is this small write up.

Saturn is a slow and icy planet. The key words for Saturn are focus, patience, conservative and plodding nature on the positive side. But delay, dissatisfaction, pain and anguish on the negative side. He rules Capricorn and Aquarius with exaltation in Libra and debilitation in Aries. He is friend to Venus and Mercury whereas foe to Sun, Moon and Mars. He is neutral in respect to Jupiter. He has special aspects on 3 (Sextile) and 10 (Square) signs from him apart from 7th aspect.

According Sri KSK houses 2-7-11 are for marriage. Reason being 2nd house stands for family, 7th house for legal relationship and 11th house is for long standing friendship. The combination of these houses will result in marriage. There are supporting houses like 5-8-12 which are said to be for love, sex and bed comforts but still they are only of secondary importance.

KSK many a time mentioned that Saturn aspecting a house will cause delay if it is a signficicator for favorable houses and deny the result if it is not a positive significator.

Placement of Saturn in such a way give opportunity to caste a glance at 2-7-11 houses may result in delay.

Placement of Saturn in a horoscope that may cause delay in marriage:

  1. If Saturn is in Asc then it will aspect 7th house.
  2. If it is in 2nd house then it will aspect 11th house.
  3. If it is in 5th house then it will aspect 2-7-11 houses.
  4. If it is in 9th house then it will aspect 11th house.
  5. If it is in 10th house then it will aspect 7th house.
  6. If it is in 12th house then it will aspect 2nd house.

Among these (1), (3) and (5) are very influential.

There are two conditions for delay by Saturn:

  1. The sub lord of 7th house should point delayed marriage by being connected with Saturn.
  2. Saturn should be a significator for either 2-7-11 houses.

First we have to look in these two points to declare whether Saturn can cause delay for marriage or not.

If time permits I will discuss few horoscopes on this topic

Good Luck