Is there any permanent separation? If So when? – KP Analysis


A client approached me with a different question. She is suffering a lot with her husband since marriage. He is suffering with hepatitis-B and also abusing the client. She asked me whether there is any permanent separation or divorce from him with a seed number 200.


Here the sub lord of 7th house is Mercury. He is in 12th house in the star of Venus and sub of Jupiter. Venus is in 1st house and Jupiter is in 8th house in the star of Mars. Therefore Mercury is connected with 1st house very strongly. First house is negation to 2nd house of family.

If we read this horoscope from 7th house, then Mercury is strongly connected with Maraka and Badaka houses. Present running dasa is also that of Mercury which points out negative for her spouse.

I looked at the dasa, Mercury will come to an end by Dec 2017. Saturn is in the star of Mercury and sub of Rahu. The sub lord Rahu is king pin. He is star lord for 6th house and sub lord for the 12th house. 


I predicted death for her husband between Mar-Aug 2017 (Mercury-Rahu-Saturn period). The month of June or July may be anxious for him causing permanent separation!

Good Luck