KP astrology prediction: Prathyusha Banerjee- Murder or suicide?


I had a doubt whether the actress’s death is suicide or murder? I immediately opened a horoscope. Here is the analysis through KP system. The following is the horoscope for the moment:

KP says that if 8th sub lord is connected with Maraka and Badhaka houses along with the ascendant then one will be reason for own death. We call it as suicide. The ascendant is also important uin this regard.

If the sub lord of 7th house is connected with Maraka and Badaka house along with 8th house then it’s a murder.

In this horoscope, the sub lord of 8th house is Venus. She is in Jupiter star and Rahu sub. Both are in 2nd house and Venus is Badaka lord in 8th house. Here there is no direct link with Ascendant. The sub lord of Asc is Kethu, in 8th house in the star of Jupiter and sub of Venus. Therefore Kethu is connected with Maraka and Badakasthanas as well as aspect from Mars in Scorpio. Moon is in the sub of Venus hence dangerous. It is aspectingAsc which denotes “own act” is the reason for death.

The sub lord for 7th house is Mercury, it is in 9th house in own star Saturn sub division. Therefore Mercury is not strongly connected with  Maraka and Badaka houses. Therefore its not a murder.

It seems to me that the aspect of Saturn over Moon is indicating emotional decision due to pressure from her close relationship. She may not be well aware of death but it’s an instant act. The aspect of Saturn over all Maraka and Badak houses, the aspect of Mars over 8-12 houses denotes possible violence before her death.

So, it’s a suicide forced by emotional disturbance with a relationship that may also involve financial matters.

This article is of academic interest only.

Good Luck