Influence of Mars in Leo: On India


In astrology, Mars and Saturn are two distinctive planets bearing peculiar type of events. Mutual contact between these two planets is always of great interest in mundane astrology. One such relation was formal when Mars entered into Leo owned 15th of September 2015. There will be mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn placing in Leo and Scorpio respectively. According to Sri.KSK the Capricorn is the sign of India. Therefore Mars will be the Lord of Badak house whereas Saturn Lord of the ascendant is transiting in Scorpio in the Badak house. Therefore the influence of these strong planets needs special consideration on Indian political, socio- economic situation.

Mars will transit in the star of Kethu between 15-9-2015 and 6-10-2015. Kethu is occupant of Pisces that may cause problems with neighboring countries. There may be some unrest or terrorist attacks during this time. Mars is a triggering his aspect of Saturn and Kethu very strongly. Therefore Saturn or unexpected happenings may take place that may terrify the people. There is possibility for drastic improvement in mortality rate. On the other hand Mars is also transiting in Badaka stana counting from the tenth house of Libra. Therefore it may cause problems for the government also. Explosions, earthquakes, missing of ships may result during this transit of Mars in Leo.

If we consider the impact of Mars on economy situation, then there is possibility for sudden fall in stock markets or lies in the percentage of inflation.  The aspect of Mars over the house of finance may increase – investments on government policies. The delaying impact of Saturn in Scorpio may result in drop-down in tax collection. The revenue of the government may be hampered to a great extent. Of course declaration of new policies may increase the reputation of the government but ultimately it may fail.

Ruling government may face sensational controversies during this transit. As said earlier, the transit of Mars in badaka house from tenth house may cause troubles for King! It is also a positive advice to seriously consider the security issues of our ruler. There is every possibility of terrorist sting in crucial places. There is possibility for some moral issues inside the government mechanism during the transit of Mars in the star of Venus, which will take place in the second week of Oct 2015.

There may be social rage or unrest in North India amidst some emotional happenings. The configuration of Mars and Jupiter in Leo may bring religion into picture. The aspect of Saturn over these two planets may result in unnecessary statements by heads of religious organizations! The only beneficial indication is the combination of Jupiter. The transit of Jupiter in the star of Venus may raise funds from foreigners or NRIs.

Therefore the overall transit of Mars in Leo’s is promising favorable happenings for India. Great balance and determination may be needed for the government to maintain peace.

Good luck