"The Purpose of living is to discover the purpose of living" - KSK

If life's journey can be compared to that of crossing a river, The Astrologer can be compared to an experienced boat man. The boat man doesn't give him a lift to cross the river by taking him in his boat. He only gives him the knowledge, whareby he gains mental strength.

What We Offer

Look at our quality services in important aspects of your life.



Education is a basic need of life in ancient days but it is primary source of survival now. I will provide answers for a wide variety of questions ranging from selection of courses to successive examinations.

Career / Job

Success of life depends upon the best choice. Career and profession is the life blood of the present era. You will be able to get clarity for different problems or questions are clear and lucid reports.


Making wealth is the ultimate goal of our efforts. In the present competitive era it is not easy to meet our needs. There will be solution for every problem and also for every question.

Love & Marriage

Love is the beauty of life. Marriage is the heaven of life if selected properly. We will help you in choosing a right person for your destiny. Right Person in the right relation is order of the day.


Health is wealth. If you lose health you will lose wealth. Apart from clinical diagnosis “Astro diagnosis” will be of great help. You will have a better picture of your health condition through our reports.


Every human being will have its own problems or situations. You can get solution our answer for your vivid questions not covered under the above heads. You can pose any of your troubling questions.


KP Horary Astrology Report

Confused with doubtful birth details? Don’t worry! “Horary Astrology” will help. You can also seek predictions for your question by simply providing a random number between 1 and 249 numbers (including 1 & 249). This number should be spontaneously or tentatively selected after memorizing the question. There should not be any impression of lucky/favorite member in choosing them. There is no need for your birth details also simply mention your question and a random number and we will send report after in-depth analysis. It’s not numerology but purely KP Astrology. Fill the form and get solution.

Price: INR 500

Delivery time: 12 hours (Max)

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