Will I get job in a different place? – KP astrology prediction

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My client posed me this question. Is there any change in job as well as relocation to another place with that change? He mentioned 22 as horary number.


Here sub lord of 10th house is Mercury. He is in the star of Kethu and sub of Mercury. Therefore it is indicating 1-3-8-10-11 houses strongly. Mercury is in 4th house but its stars are occupied. Therefore it will indicate the results of its star lord only. Kethu needs consideration. It is in 10th house but being a node represents Saturn and Mars. Saturn is in 8th house bring lord of 10-11 houses and Mars is in 3rd house being lord of 1-8 houses. Hence Mercury will have connection with all these houses. Here one important thing is that Saturn rules sub on 3-9 houses and Mars on 12th house.  So Mercury is indicating possibility of change in job as well as location.


Presently Jupiter-Kethu period will rule till April 2018. Jupiter is in the star of Moon in 6th house and sub of Sun who in turn is deposited in the star of Saturn in 8th house. Sun stars are unoccupied hence strongly connected with 3rd house. Jupiter is positive for job change. Kethu is Mars star and Mercury sub. Thus it is promising relocation but after some delay.

Jupiter-Kethu-Moon period will rule between 16-08-2017 and 14-09-2017. Moon is star lord for 10th house and strongly connected with 3-5-9-12 houses. Confirmation of job change will be in this period. Whereas relocation will take place during Jupiter-Kethu-Rahu period which rules between 04-10-2017 and 23-11-2017. Rahu is in Kethu star and sub of Venus in the star of Mars. No planets in the star of Rahu and he rules star on 11th house. I think very powerful.

Progress will be there after 25-08-2017 when Saturn turns direct.  To the feet of Ganesh and KSK

Good Luck


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