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One of my clients is seriously looking for the settlement of compensation out of a divorce issue. There is lot of discussions without any conclusion. She approached me to know the receipt of her compensation from ex-husband. The following is the chart for the moment:



KSK says 6th house is most important and we should look into its sub lord. The nature and significations of this sub lord will show whether one will receive the payment or not as well as the mode of payment. Obviously the reason for 6th house is because it stands as 12th house to the 7th house.



Here the sub lord of the 6th house is Mars. He is in Saturn star and Moon sub. Saturn is in 11th house whereas Moon is in 9th house in the star of Mars again. Therefore Mars is indicating 2-11 at star level and 6-9 at sub level thus very powerful and promising compensation for my client.

As Saturn is in the picture there will be delay in the finalization of the deal. Native will get lesser amount than her anticipation. The sub lord Moon is indicating wavering mind of my client to resolve the issue at the earliest. I conveyed the same and she agreed. This shows the validity of the rule given by KSK. In fact her ex-husband promised a sum initially but bow proposing very less due to the situations.


Mars-Mercury period will be there till Aug 2018.  Mars is strong as discussed and Mercury is in 7th house in the star of Kethu and sub of Saturn. Kethu is in Asc but represents Mars and Saturn tenanted in 6 and 11 houses respectively. Note that Saturn is in the star of Mercury in 7th house again.


In such a case we should think with clarity. Mercury is strong by star but at sub level we have Saturn. He is second strong significator for 2-11 houses (planets in the star of Saturn are strongest and Saturn will come next to them). Further he is in the star of Mercury in 7th house at this level he is third grade signficator for 6-9 houses and first grade significator for 7th house. Therefore Mercury is not as strong as at its stellar level.

By the above analysis it’s clear that Mercury is promising lesser amount to the client and much advantageous for her opponent. I select Rahu sub sub period that rules between Dec 2017 and Feb 2018. Rahu is in 7th house but deposited in the star of Kethu and sub of Venus in Mars star.  Rahu’s stars are unoccupied and he rules star on 6th house and sub on 11th house. Incidentally all the three planets Mars-Mercury-Rahu are co-ruling the cusp on 11th house!

I predicted the same and wait till the middle of Dec 2017 for final settlement. To the feet of Ganesh and KSK

Good Luck



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