Predicting life span through KP system- A case study

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One of my clients approached me with his son’s birth details. He was worried about the life span of his child as another astrologer predicted danger to the boy’s life when approached over few health issues of the boy. My client knows that I am a KP astrologer hence came to me as a final confirmation. Following is the horoscope of the boy:


As KSK points, the sub lord of the ascendant should signify 1, 3, 5, 9, 10 and 11 (11th house is for ascendants other than movable signs) for a decent life span. On the contrary if the sub lord is connected with 2, 7, 12 and badaka houses life span will be less. Combination of these two groups of houses may result in medium span of life. Houses 6th and 8th denote sickness and danger to life respectively.


Badaka house means the 11th house for movable ascendant, 9th house for fixed ascendants and 7th house for common ascendants.


Some says that 8th house is the “ayus sthana “and hence determines the life span. In my opinion 8th house will not determine longevity or life span but it denotes the “mode of exit” from this world. Ascendant denotes the “length of the time” which that native enjoys life, like the length of a running race (100m, 300m and a marathon etc). The more the length the more will be his life. Of course the nature of life and events etc are under the control of planets as per the Dasa system. KSK’s comment that Ascendant denotes life span is more logical.

Therefore even if a native runs the period of 8th lord or occupant etc at the time of birth one need not entertain fear. We have to look into the Ascendant and determine the length of life. As we all know life span is of three types:

  • Alp-ayush (short span) less than 18 years
  • Madhyam-ayush (medium span) between 18 and 60 years
  • Purn-ayush (long span) above 60 years


Here Asc sub lord is Mars, he is lord of the 2-9 houses but tenanted in 11th house (as per KP), further he is in the star of Rahu and sub of Saturn. Mars at star level is connected with 2-5-9-11 houses. This is enough to confirm long span of life for this boy. To confirm the same we need ro look into the sub lord of Mars. Here it is Saturn; he is posited in the star of Mercury in 9th house (as per KP). Therefore the sub lord of Mars is connected with 9th house which confirms the above inference. One may say that Mercury is lord of the 7th house which is both Maraka-Badaka sthana for Meena Ascendant. True but occupation is more important than ownership. Hence Mercury will be stronger for 9th house than 7th house.

As Mars is strong as said above, there is no need to worry atleast the completion of Mars main period by 2079!  It means this native will live atleast 63 years.

I predicted the same as a great relief for the anxious father. Child recovered from sickness and doing well now even as a wonder for the doctors!


         To the feet of KSK Good Luck!


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