Possibility of child birth-male question: KP analysis

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One of my clients came to me know about the possibility of child birth to his wife. He didn’t have any birth particulars of his wife and himself. I prepared the horoscope for the moment as follows and offer my prediction using KP system:

In male horoscope or in the question posed by a male person, the 11th house is of importance (11th house is the 5th house of conception counted from the 7th house house of wife). KSK elucidated that 5th house stands for the vitality or productivity in male horoscope whereas the 11th house stands for the fertility of his wife.

In this horary chart, Capricorn rises over 11th house owned by Saturn. As per KP the sub Lord of 11th house is Jupiter. Therefore Jupiter will be the deciding factor for the fertility of his wife. It is deposited in the star of Mars and sub of Venus. Both these planets are posited in 6th house which he is 12th house counted from the 7th house. Therefore Jupiter is not permitting conception as he is connected with the 12th house from spouse.

The sub Lord of 5th house is Rahu, and he is deposited in 5th house in the star of Mercury and sub of Jupiter. Mercury is in 6th house whereas Jupiter is in 7th house signifying 6th house again. Therefore Rahu though posited strongly in 5th house and representing moon in 11th house, he is considered as a weak planet due to the negative significations of its star and sub divisions.

It should be noted that even though moon is in 11th house, she was under the strong aspect of Saturn from Scorpio is a powerful significator for 4 and 7 houses. It is said that Saturn, if become significator for negative houses then his aspects will have denying influence. Hence the aspect of Saturn over moon and 11th house is considered as a denying factor.

As per the horary chart, Moon main period will prevail till October 2018. Later he will have Mars main period till October 2025. Mars is posited in the star of Venus and sub division of Saturn and hence become strong significator for 4, 6 and 9 houses. Therefore even Mars is not contributing for the child birth.

Hence I predicted that there is no possibility of child birth to the couple and he may plan for adoption if possible.

To the feet of KSK.. Good Luck 


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