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I got details of a child born recently with an abnormal defect. Baby was born without any setup for excretion! There is no provision for rectum which resulted in the necessity to be operated several times. I suspected few serious combinations in the horoscope.

Analyzing the defect:

KSK stated that if the sub lord of the 6th house is connected with 12th house then there will be defect pertaining to the signs, houses involved by the 6th sub lord.

Here Venus is the 6th sub lord. She is in 12th house (stars untenanted) in the star and sub of Mars.  Therefore Venus is connected with 2-6-11 houses. She involves Taurus and cancer sign. Mars is lord of 6 and 11 houses; here we should note that 6th house is in Scorpio whereas 11th house is in Aries. That means Mars will give health issues associated with Scorpio sign like generative system, excretion system, Watery element etc. As 11th house is in fiery sign Aries, Mars should also give cure through the significations like sharp instruments, recovering capacity etc provided the sub lord of the 11th house is positive.

Therefore Mars is giving both the results. So Venus is aspecting Scorpio and deposited in the star of Mars the lord of Scorpio and aspected by Saturn in Scorpio. Thus there will be some serious problem with Taurus (consumption of food), Cancer (digestive system) and Scorpio (excretory system). Then why alone there is main problem with only rectum?

If we observe the native was born under Mars-Mercury period. Mercury sub period started on 14-07-2017. Prior to this date and right from the conception, native was under Mars-Saturn period! Mars is in the star of Saturn and Saturn is lord of the 8th house in 6th house in Scorpio. Thus the problem in excretory system is quite clear. This is the beauty of astrology.

Is cure promised?

The sublord of the 11th house is Mars. He is in the star of Saturn in 6th house (causing disease), and sub of Mercury lord of the Asc in 2nd house in own star. There is perfect trine between Saturn and Mercury. Hence mercury is under the control of Saturn. Mars denies cure as he is ruling the main period. Any cure under the control of Mars may not yield the result. (Surgery is one such way of curing the problem)

Life span- analysis

The sub lord of the Asc is Jupiter. There is no planet in the star of Jupiter. He is lord of the 7th house in the star of Moon and sub of Venus. Moon is in 12th house and Venus is in the star of Mars in 2nd house. Therefore Jupiter is strong for 2-4-7-10-12 houses. Here we need deep assessment 4 and 10 houses are negating 5-11 houses of curing. Therefore Asc is also not promising vitality. 2-7-12 are highly negative for longevity! Therefore Jupiter is not indicating life span and cure.

If we look into 8th house which denotes life threatening cause, it is in Capricorn. Both lord and sub lord of this house is Saturn. He is in 6th house in the star of Mercury and sub of Saturn. Therefore 2-6 houses along with cancer and Scorpio are involved. It is denoting failure of endocrine system.

This is alarming for the life of the baby. Present DBA is Mars-Mercury-Mercury till 04-09-2017. Mercury is lord of the Asc in own star but deposited in the sub of Saturn the sub lord of the 8th house. Mars as discussed above is weak. Hence this same period is not positive.

Horary Astrology

I verified the time of judgment to confirm the above inference with the following horoscope:

Here the sub lord of the Asc is Saturn. He is in 11th house (badaka) in the star of Mercury in 7th house (Maraka) and sub of Jupiter in 8th house (exit), but Jupiter is in the star of Moon in 9th house. I thought this 9th house is for purva punya and hence may save the native. KSK avers that whatever be the house the deciding factor is its sub lord. In that way even if it is 9th house, if the sub lord is weak there will be no support from it. Jupiter is the sub lord, he is in the star of Moon (good) but sub of Sun, who is in 6th house (disease) in the star of Saturn in 11th house (badaka). Therefore 9th house is weak to save.


The wonder is that even in time chart there is Mars-Mercury period! Both these planets are connected with 6-7-11 houses. Kethu sub-sub period will run till 12-08-2017. I think Kethu is dangerous by being a strong representative for Mars-Saturn.

This confirms the statement of KSK that both horary and natal will agree with each other and there will never be a contradiction!

Transit of Moon in Scorpio over the position of Saturn may be anxious. My prayers to that Almighty to bless the native with peace! To the feet of Ganesh and KSK.

Good Luck


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