Job or Business and when?- KP analysis


My client posed me the question whether he will settle down in job or business and when will be his settlement. The following is the time chart:


Rule: the meridian gives the clue. If the sublord of 10th house is connected with 2-7-10-11 houses then it is business otherwise connected with 2-6-10-11 houses then its job. We have to read the cusps of 6-7 also for confirmation.

Here Scorpio is on 10th house, it is in Mars-Saturn-Venus zone. Mars is 10th house (chalit chart) in Kethu star and sun sub. Saturn is in Mercury star and sub. Mercury is in 7th house. Venus is in Mars star and Moon sub. Venus is in 8th house and strongly signifies 10th house at star level but 7th house at sub level. Therefore 10th house is linked with 7th house than 6th house.

One may say that Moon is strongest for 6th house and hence he may do job. But moon is in 5th house (in 12th house to 6th house) in the star and sub of Rahu in 7th house. Incidentally he is sub lord of 6th house also. Therefore 6th house is connected with 7th house too.

Lastly the sub lord of 7th house is Kethu. He is in Rahu star and sun sub. Therefore he is strong significator for 7-8 houses.

I predicted only business for this client. The sub lord of 2-8 houses is Mercury a strong signficator for 2-8-11 houses. Hence he will do partnership business only.

He will start business between Apr-Aug 2017 (Rahu-Rahu-Mercury period). Settlement will be between Sep-Dec 2021 (Rahu-Saturn-Mercury).

Good Luck


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