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by John | Category Bootstrap | Sept 16th, 2012


Today I heard the good news that Sindhu the upcoming Badminton player won a game over top seeded Chinese player. I am curious to know whether she can win gold medal or not. Immediately I prepared the following horoscope for the moment:

Here the sub lord of the 6th house is Rahu. He is in the star of Venus and sub of Rahu. Therefore it is connected with 8th house. Further the sub lord of 11th house is Sun. He is in the star of Kethu and Venus sub. Therefore Sun is in the significator for 2-8 houses. The picture is not in favour of this inspirational player. The sub lord of the 10th house is Mercury connected with Asc at sub level.

It seems to me that any medal other than gold is possible for her. Let’s see what happens.



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